• “Howard Stevenson is a wise man. This personal narrative marries decades of real life experience with an academic’s unbiased search for the truth.

    Enjoy his pithy, pointed writing style and you will be rewarded with new insights on wealth and families and a fun read.”

    - Stuart Lucas, Chairman of Wealth Strategist Partners, fourth-generation heir, and author of Wealth: Grow It and Protect It

  • “Wealth is what happens when you reach financial escape velocity – when your money works while you sleep.  Wealth is very hard to create and easy to destroy.  And, it can be destructive for individuals and families.  Howard  has written a terrific book, full of wisdom and wit, that serves as a helpful guide for creating, sustaining and sharing wealth in a positive, purposeful way.”

    - William A. Sahlman, Harvard Business School Professor and Senior Associate Dean for External Relations

  • “From a small town in Utah to becoming a professor at HBS to co-founding Baupost, one of the nation’s best performing hedge funds, Howard shares his perspectives on investing, wealth and - most importantly - the notion of success. Wealth and Families contains many insightful, often contrarian, observations about how best to manage your wealth and not ruin your family.”

    - Spencer B. Burke, Executive at The St. Louis Trust Company, a multi-family office

  • "I greatly enjoyed this book - speed reading it first and then returning to thought-provoking chapters about how to build, manage and pass on wealth. Extrapolating from Howard's personal journey to the broader topics of wealth and families make it especially interesting and powerful."

    Howard Cox, former General Partner of Greylock and former Chairman of the National Venture Capital Association

  • “Reading Wealth and Families is like having a good talk with a friend about subjects near and dear to your heart. I am giving a copy to each of my children!”

    - Michael O’Connell, Senior Managing Director of M20, a family investment office

WEALTH AND FAMILIES is for people who have made their money or are on their way, and the people who advise them. It describes Howard Stevenson’s wealth journey and offers thoughtful reflections, guiding principles and practical advice and lots of stories. Topics covered include:

  • The nature and dynamics of wealth
  • Principles for building and managing wealth
  • Confessions of a successful investor
  • How to get and use professional help
  • A rebuttal to family wealth models
  • How to raise kids in the context of wealth
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Howard Stevensen

Howard Stevenson has made and managed money, for himself, for his family and for clients. In addition to a 40-year career as a faculty member and leader at the Harvard Business School, he was a founder and the first president of the Baupost Group, Inc., a wealth management firm that now invests $29 billion for its clients. He is deeply committed to philanthropy and – above all – to his family, for whom he originally wrote this book to share what he has learned with future generations.

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